A Better Choice For Freshness

With the abundance of fresh produce available at independent fruit and vegetable retailers, it’s easier than before to create healthy snack options and get health-conscious.

Here are 4 tips to help you incorporate fresh foods into your next meal.


Jazz up your veggie sticks

Instead of snacking on potato chips or a chocolate bar while watching Netflix, eat healthier with seasonal vegetable sticks.

Fresh carrot or celery sticks are convenient to eat on the run, tastier, fresher, more nutritious and you can still change up their flavour with some of your favourite dips like smoked salmon and avocado or roasted garlic tzatziki.


Satisfy your sweet tooth with healthy desserts

For many, dessert is their favourite meal of the day. From ice cream and cheesecakes to puddings and cookies, these are the foods we can’t get enough of.

But let’s be honest, our favourite sweet snacks can be unhealthy.

Try incorporating fresh, juicy fruits into your desserts to get your daily dose of sugar and eat healthier at the same time! Dip your strawberries and bananas in chocolate for the vitamins, fibre and potassium, or create your own fruity popsicle for all the added nutrients.


Switch up your protein

We always value convenience in our busy lives. When we’re feeling a little lazy, we order takeout from our closest Maccas or bust out the old frozen meal.

But a growing number of Australians are seeing the value of consuming fresh food and it’s no doubt that our daily dose of protein is essential. Consider an alternative to buying meat.

Fresh, quality vegetables like chickpeas, spinach and broccoli are high in protein and good for your body. They contain a heap of nutritional value, natural minerals and enzymes.


Get nutty with homemade bars

Even with their high-fat content, nuts are the better, healthier choice. With their protein, healthy unsaturated fats and fibre, you will feel fuller for longer just by eating a handful of nuts before or after a meal.

Making your own delicious nut bars is also a fun and healthy way to get creative with these all-natural ingredients. Try adding honey and cinnamon to fresh almonds and peanuts to sweeten up these nutty snacks and get your daily dose of omega-3, fibre and vitamin E.

The next time you choose convenience over quality, consider buying locally sourced seasonal fresh produce to make A Better Choice for you and your family.

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