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Fruit and vegetables naturally grow in cycles and ripen at different stages throughout the year. Below we’re going to discuss what produce is in season right now and some of the benefits of eating seasonally! 

 Summer is an amazing season for fresh produce, especially fruit! We’re quite lucky with vegetables here in Australia, with many producers spread across the country giving us access to delicious, fresh veggies all year round. Here are a few vegetables however that are exclusive to the warmer months. Eggplant, beans and rhubarb are all vegetables that thrive in Summer so make sure you get them before they disappear from shelves! 

 We don’t know about you but personally, Summer is our favourite season when it comes to fruit. Stone fruit and berry lovers rejoice when the sun comes out to play and it’s not hard to see why! Shelves are filled to the brim with nectarines, apricots, mangoes, plums and cherries. Boysenberries, strawberries and raspberries are all in their prime during Summer too. Melons are also in season during the warmer months. Whether you prefer honeydew, rockmelon or watermelon, there’s plenty around to dig into!  

It’s super beneficial to buy produce that is in season. We call this ‘eating seasonally’. Why is it beneficial Here are 5 reasons! 

  1. Flavour  

Seasonal fruit and vegetables are naturally ripened and are harvested at their prime which means tastier, more crisp veggies and juicy, sweeter fruits.  

  1. Cost efficient 

Buying produce that is in season means cheaper produce so more bang for your buck! Fruit and veggies picked during their season are in peak supply. This results in a lower cost of growing, harvesting and transporting. 

  1. More nutritious 

Picking produce before it is ripe can mean the nutrients don’t fully develop in the fruit or vegetable. In-season produce is fresher which generally means it has a higher nutritional content. 

  1. Community benefit 

Buying your produce locally supports local farmers and businesses and keeps money in the community. Always buy local when you can! 

  1. No nasties 

Produce grown out of season generally require more unnatural forms of assistance to grow, including pesticides, chemicals and preservatives. In-season produce grow naturally, free from nasties!  

We hope you’ve learnt some valuable information about what’s in season during Summer and the benefits of eating seasonally!

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