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Winter is here which means that the desire for warm, slow cooked, hearty dishes will be at an all-time high! …Enter the almighty slow cooker! From stews and soups, to puddings and curries, the possibilities are endless in a slow cooker. Below are some reasons why you should invest in a slow cooker this chilly season!

Slow cookers are great because they’re reasonably cheap to buy and they’re economical to use. One of the main attractions of the appliance is the fact that it cuts down on prep time. For many slow cooked dishes, you simply throw all the ingredients in and the slow cooker cooks away! Yes, it can be nice to sauté the onions and brown the meat beforehand to enhance the flavours but this is not essential.

Slow cookers are also perfect for people who are time poor. If you’re a bit short on time in the mornings, simply prep everything you need for the slow-cooked meal the night before, place everything into the slow-cooker, cover and store in the fridge overnight. Then all you have to do the next morning is take it out of the fridge and turn it on!

Did you know? Slow cookers work better with fattier cuts of meat like pork shoulder, beef brisket and chicken thighs. The best part? Fattier cuts of meat are usually cheaper so it’s a win-win situation really!

What are some of our favourite recipes to make in a slow cooker? 

We love making curries and stews as they’re the perfect dinner dish for the whole family. Simply serve with cooked rice or mashed potato, mm mmm! Ribs, brisket and pulled meats always go down a treat. As do scrumptious desserts like cobblers, cheesecakes and puddings. Slightly more obscure things to make in the slow cooker include lasagna, pizza, soups and brownies!

We have one tip for you when it comes to the slow cooker: don’t take the lid off! Slow cookers are clever things – they’re designed to do their own thing, meaning you don’t have to keep a watchful eye on the contents. Each time you take the lid off, heat will be released and the cooking time will increase. So, avoid lifting the lid and simply let the slow cooker do its thing!

Here is a delicious slow cooker recipe for you to try that we guarantee the whole family will love! https://www.abetterchoice.com.au/recipes/slow-cooker-beef-casserole/

Stay tuned for more slow cooker recipes over the coming months!

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