A Better Choice For Freshness

With supply chain issues struggling across the country, you can always rely on your local fruit and veg shop, as there is an abundance of great produce still available and store owners and workers are putting in the extra effort to ensure the shelves are full. 

Stone fruits are your summer fruit standout this week, with plenty of great quality Peaches and Nectarines available. There are also great quality Plums available, excellent for eating fresh or if you’re in need of a summer cool-down, try making a Plum Sorbet!

There is also an excellent supply of berries available and ready to eat, including Blueberries, Raspberries, Strawberries and Blackberries to get your summer berry fix sorted!

There are still plenty of Cherries coming out of Victoria and Tasmania in excellent quality, after a bountiful harvesting season. We are seeing export-quality cherries in stores, so now is as good a time as any to get your hands on some of this season’s cherries before they’re gone!

Lychees are of great quality at the moment, with juicy flesh and small seeds. You may see higher prices, but are well worth it!

We are also seeing a good supply of tropical fruits including Papayas in your local Fruit and Veg Shops! Papayas are great eaten fresh, or go really well Baked and topped with ice cream for those of you with a sweet tooth! Pineapples are available but in shorter supply, however, improving over the next few weeks.

Vegetables in your Local fruit and Veg Shop are in great supply, with many seasonal options coming in, as well as year-round varieties. Sweet Corn is hitting shelves, and is a great way to add sweetness to salads, pasta, rice, or try our Sweet Corn Ribs!

Eggplant is very good value at the moment from growers out of Sydney. Take this opportunity to make an Eggplant Lasagna this week or try Chef Tom Walton’s: Roast Eggplant Fattoush! 

There are plenty of Asian Greens, Zucchinis, Carrots and Cherry Truss Tomatoes available in good supply this week. 

For more seasonality and tips talk to your greengrocer at your local fruit and veg shop, it’s ‘A better choice!’


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