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Are you planning a weekend of indoor activities this weekend? Cooking is a great way to entertain the kids at home and is an excellent opportunity to pass on some important knowledge about food and nutrition. With a wide range of produce available at your local fruit and veg shop, there are plenty of options to choose from, taking you from breakfast through to dinner and dessert! Prices are finally beginning to ease around the country on vegetable produce lines, so expect to see some of your favourites come back in price in the coming weeks. 

Our pick of the week this week are Mandarins! There are around 10 different varieties of Mandarins available throughout the seasons, and now we’re seeing Imperials, Murcoot, and Afouror varieties available as well as tasty Tangelos. Mandarins are a great winter option to add in necessary vitamin C, vitamin A and vitamin B to support skin health, immunity and help prevent infections! These Mandarin and Chicken Rice Paper Rolls are a fun recipe to make with the kids, and they’ll love eating them too! Pick some up at your local fruit and veg shop this week. 

Apples and Pears are of excellent quality at the moment. Buying in bulk is a good way to save money on your weekly shop and have a good supply of fruit for the week. Bake up some Apples and Pears into a simple pie like these Mini Apple Hand Pies as a great afternoon cooking project. 

Pick up some Kiwifruit from this week. Available is a range of colours and varieties, Kiwifruit are a delicious option and with double the vitamin C than an orange they’re a great winter fruit! Widen the scope of ways to use Kiwifruit in your meals, as they can enhance your savoury dishes by adding a sweet and tart flavour to Mexican-style salsa, or brighten up any winter salad! 

Try something new this week and pick up some Black Sapote. Otherwise known as ‘chocolate pudding fruit’, Black Sapote is a member of the persimmon family and has a mildly sweet flavour with a consistency like pudding and looks like chocolate! The key to eating Black Sapote is waiting until they are ripe, when the skin is very soft and gives in to soft pressure. Black sapote is delicious eaten alone but can also be complemented with cream for added indulgence. 

Pick up some Mushrooms in your shop this week! Mushrooms are a great way to add much-needed vitamin D into your diet. Mushrooms are a great meat substitute if you’re looking to mix up your meals with a plant-based option this week. It’s worth experimenting with your mushroom varieties, as they all have their own unique flavour profiles! For a strong flavour, opt for a porcini mushroom, for a mild flavour perfect for the BBQ, choose a Swiss brown. If you’re after the perfect meaty texture, oyster mushrooms are the go! Try these crumbed and fried for tasty mushroom ‘wings’. 

Parsnips are delicious and often underrated! A simple Parsnip puree will have you questioning why you didn’t give it a chance before! The key to a perfect parsnip puree is a young parsnip with a soft core, but don’t fret if you’ve got a more mature parsnip, simply remove the core to avoid the woody texture that can come with it. From here it’s simple: slice, boil, and mash with cream and butter for a perfectly textured puree that goes well with grilled meat or veg! 

Romanesco is a delightful brassica with a striking appearance that even the kids will love! While Romanesco looks more like cauliflower, it tastes more like broccoli, with a slightly creamy and nutty taste. 

Pick up some Leeks this week for a one-way ticket to flavour city! Leeks have a flavour that is delicate and perfectly complements a more starchy winter meal. There’s are so many ways to cook up Leeks, but none as classic as a delicious Chicken and Leek Pie to warm you up this weekend!

Add a little spice to your winter salads with some fresh Radish this week. Radishes are available year-round, and are a delicious veg to get on board with! They have a slight peppery flavour with a crisp texture like an apple that is irresistible. They can be prepared in a number of ways, either thinly sliced for a sophisticated look or simply chopped or cubed for crunch-factor. Pick some up from your local Fruit and Veg shop this week! 

Support your local community and shop at your local Fruit and Veg shop this week! Seasonal produce is key to shopping on a budget, and your local Fruit and Veg shop has their shelves stocked with plenty of excellent quality produce delivered daily!



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