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With the declaration of another La Niña this summer, we’re hanging on to this glorious sunny Spring weather. Make the most of seasonal delights at your local Fruit and Veg shop these school holidays! Plan ahead for the AFL Grand Final weekend and prepare some delicious meals for the whole family this week with fresh seasonal produce. 

Our pick of the week this week is a spring favourite, Asparagus. Asparagus is dense with nutrition and pairs well with other spring vegetables like garlic, potatoes and peas. When selecting Asparagus at your local Fruit and Veg shop, look for a bright green colour with firm stems. After a delicious recipe with Asparagus as the star? Try these Asparagus and Lemon Ricotta Crepes for a light and tasty spring treat!

Pineapple is a great sweet yet tangy option to celebrate the warm weather. Blended into smoothies or cooked into your favourite baked good, Pineapple is a great option to add to your weekly shop. Have some fun with the kids and make these Pineapple Fruit Boats these school holidays for a fun way to eat your fruit!

Whether you plan on watching the grand final or not, get your Banana kick on this week! Bananas are a great snack to have on the go, and we can’t go past this Rhubarb and Banana Bread when you’ve bought more than you can eat, you’ll be kicking goals for the family with this recipe!

Blueberries are great value this week, so there’s no excuse not to pick up a punnet in your shop this week. These Blueberry, Banana & Pepita Oat Bars are a great snack to prepare in advance and take on the go! Blueberries are an excellent Spring option, loaded with antioxidants and vitamins to keep your body healthy and fuelled. 

Superb Strawberries are another favourite this week, with bright and fragrant fruits on offer at your local Fruit and Veg shop. While there are plenty of ways to use Strawberries, we’re loving simply rinsing and eating them straight from the punnet, they’re too good to resist! Be sure to pick some up this week. 

A spring favourite, Broad Beans are in season now! Once de-podded and cooked, Broad Beans are great as an addition to salads, or re-heated and stirred through pasta! They also go well in your favourite Zucchini or Corn fritters or can be blended into a tasty dip. 

Chokos are in good supply and are a great pick if you’re wanting to try something different this week. Indulge in something new, and try making Choko Chips or stir through a light and refreshing slaw. 

Broccoli and Baby Broccoli are both of great quality now. Packed with nutrients and flavour, these brassicas are not to be skipped over at your local Fruit and Veg shop! Try this Marinated Lentils with Baby Broccoli and Feta recipe this week! 

Asian Veg is of great quality, with a selection of Gai Lan, Bok Choy and Pak Choy available. Perfect for your weekly stir fry or quickly cooked through with some bold flavours to accompany fish and rice or noodles. 

Your local Fruit and Veg shop hand select their produce from local Growers and Wholesalers to bring you the best quality available! Pick up some of this produce and more from your local Fruit and Veg shop this week! 



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