A Better Choice For Freshness

Not only does a colourful plate look good, it also means you’re getting a good range of fruit and veg in your diet! To help make your plate pop, we have put together a list of fruit and veg for every colour of the rainbow.

– Tomatoes
– Red capsicums
– Strawberries
– Cherries
– Watermelons

– Carrots
– Rockmelon
– Pumpkin
– Oranges
– Apricots

– Lemons
– Pineapples
– Corn
– Squash
– Mangoes

– Spinach
– Avocados
– Broccoli
– Kiwi Fruit
– Grapes

– Blueberries
– Blackberries
– Blue tomatoes

– Eggplant
– Plums
– Purple grapes
– Beetroot
– Red cabbage

Get experimental and start cooking up some beautiful, bright and colourful creations! Your body will thank you for the influx of fruit and veg!

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