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Enjoying a lifestyle of good food can be as easy as swapping butter for olive oil! You’ll be introduced to a world of new foods and flavours, all while increasing your health and wellbeing.  

Read on to find out how you can swap certain foods for healthier alternatives, leading to a healthier you!  


Swap bad fats for good fats
You can still enjoy fats in your meals as they are important to have in your diet! Saturated and trans fats can negatively impact your heart health and cardiovascular health. These foods include certain meats and dairy items, as well as pastries and deep-fried foods.  

Monounsaturated fats on the other hand are a much better option for your health. You can find these in foods such as avocado, olive oil and nuts, along with fish like salmon and tuna.  

Easy, healthy swaps: 

  • Butter for olive oil 
  • Red meat for fish 
  • Potato chips for nuts 

Not sure what to cook? Try out Turmeric and Coconut Fish Curry. 


Swap refined grain products, for wholegrain foods 

Refined grains are missing most of their nutritious value, including their fibre, vitamins and minerals. Foods that are made using refined grains include cake, white rice, white bread, pasta and some breakfast cereals.  

Eating wholegrain foods on the other hand can improve your overall health by lowering your risk of heart disease and diabetes.  

Easy, healthy swaps: 

  • White bread for dark rye bread 
  • White rice for brown rice 
  • White pasta for spelt pasta 

Need some inspiration? Try our Pineapple & Toasted Coconut Brown Rice Salad. 


Swap sugary treats with natural goodies 

Feeling like you need a sweet treat? We all crave a little bit of sugar but consuming it too often is when it can create health concerns like obesity, heart disease or dental cavities. But don’t fret, we have some delicious alternatives to share.  

Easy, healthy swaps: 

  • Lollies for fruit 
  • Chocolate bar for dark chocolate 
  • Soft drink for fruit infused sparkling water
  • Muesli bar for nut mix 


Season with herbs and spices instead of salt 

When it comes to adding flavour to your food, there are plenty of options that can be beneficial for your health. Instead of reaching for salt when you feel your meal is missing that ‘little something’ why not try adding some ginger, garlic, chilli, turmeric or cumin. Adding fresh herbs and a squeeze of lemon juice will enhance the flavour of any meal! 


You can still get your fizzy drink fix! 

If you really need a fizzy pick me up, try making your own fresh fruit juice, or infuse some mineral water with fruit for a great natural alternative. Have a go at creating our Grapefruit, Carrot & Apple Juice.  

So, there you have it! There’s so many healthy swaps to be made to improve your health and wellbeing. What food swaps will you be trying first?  

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