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There’s a handful of lucky parents amongst us whose kids come home from school asking for a capsicum, celery or carrot to munch on before dinner. However, most of us sadly do not have that experience. So, to help out parents, we’ve come up with a few different ways to feed their little ones ‘Fresh Without the Fuss’!


Hide It

The old as time tradition of hiding veggies in their food is a favourite. Whether it is by adding grated carrot into spaghetti or making a fruit smoothie that has spinach in it, it may be an easier way to get them to eat good things without them even knowing it.


Give veggies while hungry

On the other hand, your kids may be the sort who have a raging appetite where they don’t need to be tricked. Instead, before they even have a chance to ask for snacks after school, why not have a plate of fruit and veggies ready to go for them to munch on.



Don’t be afraid to use a little imagination when it comes to prepping snack for the kids. Whether it’s by creating a fruit face, or a snail out of a celery stick, an apple slice, and peanut butter, making healthy snacks fun will go a long way in getting the little ones to eat them. If you can get creative with the healthy snacks, the kids will start to jump at the chance to get their hands on fruits and veggies.



Everyone loves games! Try playing tic-tac-toe with cut veggies or even playing a ‘colour’ game where they can sort chopped fruits into bowls based on colour. Games like these can get them associating fun and entertainment with eating yummy healthy food.


Help them make a better choice

Even the biggest fridges and fruit bowls are dwarfed by the variety available at your local A Better Choice store. There’s a good chance that if you and the kids are having a tough time finding a fruit they love at home, that you might just find one at the fruit and veggie store. So, why not bring them along to your next visit to A Better Choice retailer and let them pick out whichever fruit they choose. Giving them some agency over which fruit they get to eat that afternoon, or the veggies used in dinner that night will leave them feeling proud, and far more likely to tuck into healthier foods.

We hope you find some helpful little tips to change your picky eaters’ taste buds. Good Luck!

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