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When it comes to your kids going to daycare, it can be very tempting to put a packet of chips and a peanut butter sandwich in their lunch box and call it a day. These days, however; peanuts are a no go in most schools, but never fear – healthy snacks don’t have to be complicated. We have compiled a list of our easy, healthy and daycare approved snacks that your child will love! 
1. Fruit 
Always an easy and simple addition to any lunchbox, fruit is about as healthy as you can get, whilst still being yummy! If you want to get a little bit fancy, make a fruit salad as opposed to just popping an apple in. It might take a little bit of extra time, but it’s always good to mix things up. 
2. Rice cakes 
Instead of a sandwich, it could be good to make up little rice cakes with all of your little one’s favourite toppings. It could be ham and cheese, cucumber and cream cheese, or even vegemite! It’s always nice to change up from the normal sandwich every now and then. 
3. Popcorn 
Instead of a packet of chips, include some popcorn in their lunch box! Popcorn is a lot healthier, but still super yum, making it the perfect alternative. 
4. Veggie sticks or crackers with dip 
Some chopped up veg like carrot or celery and some crackers with dip is always a winner. Healthy and filling, while still being quick and easy to throw together, making this the perfect daycare snack! 
It is hard to navigate through allergies and falling into the trap of convenience over health, but healthy doesn’t have to be hard. Enjoy these quick, easy and most of all, healthy snacks! 

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