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With the New Year here, we’re all back at work and juggling our professional and work lives, making it hard to get back into the healthy eating habits we had before the festive season! But getting back into the swing of things can start with some little changes, so don’t fret! We’ve got you covered with these 4 easy tips to get those healthy eating habits back on track!

1. Meal Prep

The perfect Sunday afternoon activity is to plan out your meals for the week and do a big grocery shop so you have all the ingredients you need for the week’s meals. It’s one less thing you have to worry about during the week.

  1. Buy Versatile Ingredients

There’s nothing worse than getting sick of a meal halfway through the week. That’s when you can fall into unhealthy habits, and opt for some greasy takeaway! When you go shopping, buy food that you know you can use in different meals. Veggies are super easy to use in a variety of dishes, so stock up on your faves and find some yummy, healthy recipes to cook throughout the week!

  1. Quick Meals

Do your research and find recipes that are super quick and easy to make. When you know cooking is going to take a while, it may put you off doing it. Find 4 – 5 quick and easy meals that you can rotate through your busy schedule.

  1. Find Healthy Snacks

Snacking has some negative connotations, but it doesn’t need to be a bad thing! There’s nothing like a 3pm pick me up to get you through the last couple of hours of the work day. Instead of cutting snacks out altogether, find some healthy alternatives. Whether it be chopped up fruit, nuts, or even crackers topped with hummus and veg, snacks don’t have to be the enemy!

Good luck with those healthy eating habits, everyone! You’ve got this!

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