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Unripe fruit is such a pain! There is nothing worse than when you’re craving some homemade smashed avo, or a banana smoothie, and they’re just not ready! There are actually some tips and tricks you can do at home to help speed up the ripening process, so grab your unripe bananas, sit down and have a read!

1. The ol’ “stick it in rice” trick!

This doesn’t just work for wet phones, but also for fruit! The way it works is, rice traps ethylene gas, which is a naturally occurring gas in fruits that helps the ripening process. When trapped in rice, it helps speed up the ripening. Try this trick out with mangoes!

2. Pop them in a paper bag

Again, the ethylene gas works its magic with this method too! When trapped in the paper bag, the fruit releases the gas and gets those bananas nice and ripe for that banana bread you’ve been planning on making! Also, if you pop two different fruits in the same bag together, they’ll help each other ripen quicker! Apples and bananas are a match made in heaven!

3. Cotton cloths
This method works wonders for fruit like peaches and plums. Put your fruit on the cloth and leave space in between each fruit. Cover the fruit with another cloth and leave to sit. Keep covered until the fruits are soft to touch or smell fragrant.

We hope these tips help ripen your fruit in time for some fruity trifle!

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