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Ginger is a popular home remedy and cooking ingredient that has been used since the beginning of time. With endless health benefits including reducing nausea, pain and digestive issues, ginger is a must-have to include in your diet to support your health and wellbeing.

Read on to find out more about the benefits of ginger:

  1. It helps relieve nausea

Whether you’re struggling with digestive issues, indigestion or morning sickness, ginger is a great remedy for easing a range of stomach issues. Research has shown that ginger may work to alleviate nausea by speeding up the digestive process and releasing blood-pressure-regulating hormones to help calm your body.

  1. Prevents heart disease

Yes, that’s right! Ginger can assist in reducing the risk of heart disease by lowering cholesterol and blood sugar which aids in supporting a healthy heart. 

  1. Reduces pain

Many studies have shown that ginger is great for relieving pain due to its anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties. Ginger also has a small amount of analgesic making it particularly great for those with exercise induced pain, period pain or arthritis.

  1. Fights germs

Did you know that ginger can help ward off germs and viruses? This is due to certain chemical compounds that can be found in fresh ginger that help fight nasties, and in turn help to keep common sicknesses at bay.

Now that you know the many benefits, it’s time to add some ginger into your diet.  Whether you like it fresh, dried or powdered, there are many sweet and savoury recipes you can make using ginger! Some of our favourites include our mouth-watering Ginger Pear Cake or the delectable Mango Buddha Bowl with Sesame Ginger Dressing.

Need more inspiration? Check out our wide range of recipes that you can make today!

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