A Better Choice For Freshness

It is no secret that we at A Better Choice love fruit and veg! It is also no secret that fruit and veg are good for us. But just how important are they? We have taken a look at all of the health benefits and put together a list of reasons why you should be upping your fruit and veg intake!

Fruit and vegetables are super low in fat, salt and sugar (at least the bad sugars!). They are also a great source of dietary fibre. These things all help reduce obesity, lower cholesterol levels, as well as lower your blood pressure. To get the most out of these benefits, it’s always great to keep an active lifestyle and a well-balanced diet.

Vitamins and minerals are also a major part of fruit and veg. These vitamins include vitamins A, C and E, magnesium, zinc, phosphorous and folic acid. It has been said that folic acid may help reduce the risk factor of coronary heart disease – another win for fruit and veg!

There is research to suggest that vegetables and fruit can even help with some diseases. If you regularly eat lots of fruit and veg, you have a lower risk of developing Type 2 diabetes, stroke, heart disease, cancer and high blood pressure. Sounds like a no brainer to us! Better get shopping…

Not only are fruit and veg nature’s sweets, they are incredibly versatile. You would be surprised how easily you can use them in cooking, and help your health at the same time. Enjoy!

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