1.5 hours (30 mins prep + 1 hour baking)
Autumn, Spring, Summer, Winter

This Apple & Cinnamon Tart has us hooked on a filling! 🍏 A classic recipe to have as a staple in your baking repertoire, this will be one to pass down for generations!

This recipe was made in collaboration with Melbourne Food Nerd!



  1. Preheat oven to 180 degrees Celcius
  2. Peel apples, slice thinly and remove seeds
  3. Add the apples to a large bowl with â…“ cup sugar, cinnamon, vanilla essence, lemon juice and a pinch of salt. Mix well and set aside
  4. Add flour, two tablespoons of sugar, a pinch of salt and the melted butter to an electric mixer. Mix until it starts to combine into lumps
  5. Add to a 20cm round tart tin and press until flat. You can use a glass to help even out the dough. Chill in the fridge for 10 mins. 
  6. Arrange apples into the tin, starting from the outside and working in
  7. Sprinkle with remaining white sugar and scatter small pieces of butter on the top
  8. Bake for 1 hour, until the pastry is cooked and the apples are golden.
  9. Serve with whipped cream, enjoy! 

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