20 mins

Eating fruit has never been so fun! Kids will love helping to construct (and eat!) this Watermelon cake! 🍉


  1. Cut two large cross sections from each watermelon, around 6-8cm thick. Cut one piece into a 20cm round, another into a 16cm round, and a final one into a 12cm round.
  2. Place the 20cm round onto a serving platter. Spread some yoghurt over the top, then top with the 16cm round. Spread yoghurt over the top once again and top with the 12cm round.
  3. Cut your fruit into 1cm slices. Using an assortment of cookie cutters, cut the rockmelon, mango, and kiwi fruit into shapes.
  4. Using our picture as a guide, decorate the watermelon cake with the fruit shapes and berries. Enjoy!

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