A Better Choice For Freshness

Making healthier food choices has never been more important. Luckily, your local fruit and veg shop has a great supply of fresh and flavourful fruit and vegetables that are perfect for creating tasty and nourishing meals. 

Our hero produce this week is delicious Kiwifruit. Simply slice or scoop for a tasty treat that packs in your daily intake of vitamin C. Pop some kiwifruit into the kids’ lunchboxes this week, or chop some up and toss into a salad to make the most of Kiwifruits in their peak season!

Citrus season is in full swing, with plenty of citrus varieties on offer. Whether you’re after staples such as Lemons or Limes, or snacks for the weekend such as Mandarins, Oranges or Grapefruit, you will find a large selection on offer at your local Fruit and Veg shop. 

Aussie grown Pomegranates are plentiful at your local Fruit and Veg shop this week. Simply separate the arils from the pith and you’ve got perfect little pops of flavour to add to your weekly meals. Whip up a delicious meal that makes pomegranate the star of the dinner table with our Chicken Fillets with Pomegranate Glaze recipe!

Selecting Avocados is serious business, we all want to come home with a perfectly ripe avocado! When selecting, be sure to very gently squeeze the top of the avocado, not around the widest section, so that you don’t damage the fruit for others. Once you’ve got the perfect avo, try out these Baked Eggs in Avocado for a simple weekend breakfast that everyone will love!

Have you tried Kale Sprouts before? A hybrid of Brussels Sprouts and Kale, these little greens are an excellent way to enjoy the best of green superfoods! Pick some up this week and simply add to your roasting pan for a crispy portion of your daily veggie intake. 

Fennel is in great supply and good quality as we come into the colder months. Fennel adds so much flavour to any meal, and can be roasted, fried, or sliced and consumed raw for a light aniseed flavour. Are you a fan of Onion on steak? Try swapping grilled Onion for grilled Fennel for an alternative way to compliment steak or other meats!

Beetroot is a classic winter veg in great supply at your local Fruit and Veg shop! Prep your meals for the week and pack in nutrient-rich beetroot with out Beetroot and Salmon Pasta recipe!

Eat the rainbow with colourful Cauliflower, available in white and purple colours! Whip up a tasty meat-free dinner with cauliflower in these Cauliflower Burrito Bowls! Cauliflower takes on lots of flavour when cooked, so be generous with your seasonings and flavours to get the most out of your Cauliflower when substituting for meats or when trying to convince the kiddos to eat more veggies!

Head into your local Fruit and Veg shop to find a wide variety of seasonal fruit and veg to suit your budget. While shortages and higher prices are reported around the country, your local fruit and veg shop has access to produce from all over the country, and make every effort to include the best variety for you and your community!


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