2 hours 15 Minutes

Soup season is here!

Featuring fresh and chunky Carrots, hearty Potatoes and Berlotti Beans, this Minestrone is a bowl of goodness that will keep you feeling cosy.

This Minestrone is an easy and healthy meal that celebrates incredible winter veg- this recipe is also Vegan optional!


Melbourne Food Nerds sends their regards!



  • Wash/rinse and combine all vegetables
  • Add all the vegetables to a large stock pot
  • Add passata, water and stock to desired levels, topping up as needed with water
  • Add Pasta and season with salt and pepper to your liking
  • Stir, bring to boil and lower heat, allow to simmer for 2 hours and stirring occasionally
  • Serve with fresh bed and herbs to your likingTip: Change the texture by adjusting the cut sizes of your vegetables- a mix of different cuts will leave you with varied soft and bitey mouthfuls!


  • Great for batch cooking
  • Easily scaled for smaller and larger pots!


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