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Feast your eyes on this gorgeous lamington wreath – made up of lamington fingers, and other delicious festive flavours. For the confident bakers or those with some time on their hands, try our ‘Committed Method’ where you make the lamingtons from scratch! For those that are short on time, you can try our ‘Hack Method’ where you use ready-made lamington fingers instead!


The ‘Committed’ Method


  1. Preheat oven to 180C or 160C fan forced and grease and line a baking tin (30cm X 20cm)
  2. Add the sugar, butter (softened), sugar and vanilla extract to a bowl. Using an electric mixer, beat until light and fluffy (roughly 2 mins).
  3. Once light and fluffy, slowly add your eggs one at a time, waiting for the mixture to combine before adding the next egg.
  4. Once the batter is smooth, fold in half of the flour until combined and follow with half the milk, mixing well. Once combined, repeat this process with the remaining flour and milk.
  5. Gently pour the batter into the lined baking tin, and put it in the oven to bake for 20-25 mins or until a skewer comes out clean.
  6. Place the sponge on a cooling rack until it is room temperature then cut into your desired size (in this case – fingers)


  1. Sift icing sugar and cocoa powder together
  2. Melt butter then add to the icing & cocoa mixture with boiling water
  3. Stir all ingredients together into a syrup consistency
  4. Poor desiccated coconut onto a plate
  5. Using two forks, dip your cooled sponge fingers into the cocoa syrup, coating each surface evenly before rolling in coconut.
  6. Repeat with remaining sponge fingers
  7. Allow 1-2 hours for your icing to set.

To assemble the lamington wreath, follow the steps and use the ingredients needed for the hack method.

The ‘Hack’ Method

  1. In a small pot on the stove, combine your frozen strawberries and caster sugar with a splash of water to create a strawberry sauce. Once a sauce is formed, set aside.
  2. Whip your thickened cream with the vanilla extract until stiff and fluffy whipped cream is formed.
  3. On a large plate or platter, begin to place your lamington layers, alternating one large spoon of whipped cream, with one lamington finger. Repeat in a circular shape until your wreath is formed! Fill in any gaps or pockets with any leftover whipped cream.
  4. Drizzle your strawberry sauce on top, before finishing off your wreath with a few halved strawberries loosely scattered on top.

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