15 mins
All Year

The Very Hungry Caterpillarā€¦in snack form! Little ones will love helping to make (and eat!) this fun, healthy snack šŸ’“ Fresh cucumber and tomato add both a pop of colour and crunch!


  1. Cut 2-3 rounds from each slice of bread using a round cookie cutter.
  2. Spread each side of bread with cream cheese. In between two bread rounds, place a slice of tomato. Do the same with the cucumber and cheese slices to form mini round sandwiches.
  3. On a board, arrange the sandwiches to make the body of the caterpillar.
  4. To make the face of the caterpillar, use two small peas and cheese to make the eyes. Make a mouth out of cheese. Note: Use cream cheese to stick all features onto the cherry tomato.
  5. Use thin strips of cucumber to make the ears, sticking them to the top of the tomato with cream cheese. If you like you can slice cucumber into quarters to form feet.

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