Asparagus and Lemon Ricotta Crepes

A Better Choice For Freshness

Sunday, May 12th is Mother’s Day, a day when we celebrate all the love and caring (and hard work!) that Aussie mums do for their families and communities all year. It’s a day to let the mothers and grandmothers in your life enjoy some relaxation and a little pampering.

Of course, the most famous Mother’s Day tradition is breakfast in bed, and for good reason – what mum doesn’t want an excuse to sleep in a little? If you’re in charge of breakfast in bed this year, consider treating your mum to something delicious, healthy, and made with all-natural produce from local Australian farmers, those other unsung heroes who also rarely get to hit the snooze button!

Savoury Crepes with Roasted Asparagus and Lemon Pepper Ricotta Cheese

Asparagus and Lemon Ricotta CrepesTo save you time, we went ahead and created the perfect Mother’s Day breakfast in bed recipe: Asparagus and Lemon Ricotta Crepes. Although it may seem decadent, this tasty breakfast is actually light and low calorie, so for once mum won’t have anything to feel guilty about.

The hero of this Mother’s Day recipe is fresh asparagus. Packed with the B-group vitamins folate, thiamine, riboflavin, niacin, B6 and biotin, along with vitamin C, the roasted asparagus in this recipe will give the mum in your life a morning pick-me-up to start her special day just right.

Asparagus Ricotta Crepes Fun fact: just like Aussie kids, asparagus grows fast! In ideal conditions, it can grow 1-2cm per hour.

A Healthier Mother’s Day Tradition

Why opt for a healthier Mother’s Day breakfast in bed? Why not! After all, it’s not just mum who benefits when you serve all-natural produce as part of a celebratory treat: when you show your kids that fresh vegetables can be part of a delicious surprise meal for mum, you’re also teaching them that not every special occasion requires chocolate.

It’s especially important that Aussie kids get a taste for vegetables early on. A 2018 report by the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare found that while 68% of Australian children (and 50% of adults) ate sufficient serves of fruit every day, just 5% of children ate the recommended amount of vegetables – possibly because only 7% of adults do.

When children learn that healthy, seasonal produce from Australian farmers can be just as delicious as processed, high-sugar and high-fat treats, you’re setting a valuable example for them that will set them up for a healthier, longer life – exactly what every mother wants for her children every day of the year, not just on Mother’s Day.

The only thing better than surprising mum with a fresh and nutritious meal in bed? Doing the dishes, too!

Support a healthier lifestyle for your family and a better future for Australia’s farmers by making vegetables part of every day, including special days like Mother’s Day.

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