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We have now entered winter, and there is nothing better than some warm, soul food to warm you from the inside out! We have put together a collection of some of our favourite winter recipes that you can make on the next rainy day!

1. Vegetable Curry with Paneer

This hearty curry is the way to warm our hearts and bellies on cold nights! Served with warm, fluffy paneer – this curry will no doubt be a favourite at the dinner table! Packed full of veggies and all the good stuff, it’s also a tasty, healthy option – sounds great to us!

Find the recipe here: https://www.abetterchoice.com.au/recipes/vegetable-curry-with-paneer/

  1. Cinnamon Baked Pears

This one is for all you sweet tooths out there! Filled with cinnamon and maple syrup, this dessert is not only a treat for your taste buds, but also your nose! Top this dessert with crunchy granola, and your choice of yoghurt, – it will definitely become your go-to winter sweet!

You can find the recipe here: https://www.abetterchoice.com.au/recipes/cinnamon-baked-pears/

3. Carrot Soup

It wouldn’t be a winter without soup, and this one is one of our favourites! Thick, creamy and with a touch of sweetness, this carrot soup topped with cream, bacon and parsley and served with fresh bread will keep you full and warm this winter!

Check out the recipe here: https://www.abetterchoice.com.au/recipes/carrot-soup/

4. Pumpkin Mac and Cheese

The healthier alternative to everyone’s favourite Mac and Cheese. It’s delicious, creamy and cheesy and even better – it only contains 8 ingredients! This is the ultimate comfort food, and that is exactly what we need during the colder months!

Click the following link for the recipe: https://www.abetterchoice.com.au/recipes/pumpkin-mac-cheese/

5. Rhubarb Crumble

This is the ultimate winter warmer. With minimal preparation required and the use of ingredients you’ll most likely have lying around, this crumble is an easy dessert to warm you up after dinner on a cold, winter’s night.

Read the recipe here: https://www.abetterchoice.com.au/recipes/rhubarb-crumble/

6. Broccoli Spinach Pesto Pasta

Enjoy a whole serving of greens disguised as comforting pasta. Combining broccoli and spinach with parmesan cheese is a match made in heaven. Pasta is always a good idea, and this recipe is no exception!

Check it out here: https://www.abetterchoice.com.au/recipes/broccoli-spinach-pesto-pasta/

7. Burgundy Beef Short Rib Stew

This stew is a top contender for the best stew you’ll make this winter. Super rich in flavour, with melt in your mouth meat and loaded with veg. Hearty, healthy and filling – this is sure to be a winter favourite.

Read the recipe here: https://www.abetterchoice.com.au/recipes/burgundy-beef-short-rib-stew/

8. Easy Pumpkin Pie Cups

Ending on a sweet note, we have a fun and quick treat that the whole family will love! Naturally sweetened with honey and made creamy with full fat yoghurt, these pumpkin pie cups are the perfect healthy treat.

Check out the full recipe here: https://www.abetterchoice.com.au/recipes/easy-pumpkin-pie-cups/

We hope this blog inspires you to fill your winter tummy with delicious, healthy and filling dishes! Enjoy!

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