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Sourcing great quality produce is easy when you shop at your local fruit and veg shop! With an abundance of fresh, seasonal Summer produce, your local fruit and veg shop stocks the best quality available for you, your family and your community. 

Our pick of the week is Watermelon. If you’re after the ultimate refresher, Watermelon is a must this Summer. Whether an entire cake made of Watermelon sounds good, or a simple crusher is more your thing, Watermelon is bursting with flavour and can help brighten up your day. Pick up some Watermelon at your local fruit and veg shop this week, you won’t be disappointed!

Berries are packed-full of healthy antioxidants and vitamins essential to keep a happy and healthy body and mind. Load up your basket with Blueberries, Strawberries or Blackberries this week. If you’re after something to curb your afternoon hunger or something to pack in the kids’ lunchbox of work lunches, whip up these Blueberry, Banana & Pepita Oat Bars this weekend and be prepared for the week ahead!

Feeling romantic this week? With Valentines day coming up now’s the time to think ahead and plan your romantic dinner plans. Show them how much you a-peach-iate them and make these Peach Donuts! There’s so many reason to love Stone fruits, and with a bounty of options available there’s plenty of love to go around. Choose from Peaches, Nectarines, Plums and Apricots this week. 

Fancy a grape or two or three? Grapes are plentiful and with a wide variety to choose from, they’re great to take home to share with the family. Grapes are a good option to pop in school lunchboxes, or if you prefer a cool snack you can put them in the freezer and much on them once they’re frozen for a refreshing and cooling treat!

Valencia Oranges are Summer’s answer to your favourite citrus. Bursting with flavour, these oranges make for a delicious vitamin-C packed snack or drink! There’s nothing better than freshly-squeezed orange juice on a cruisy weekend morning, or some slices while you’re watching the kids play cricket or swim at the beach! If you’re wanting something a bit more filling, how about this Orange, Beet & Steak Salad to make your belly go ‘YUM!’

Another Citrus that’s in season now you shouldn’t hit snooze on are zesty Limes. Perfect for adding to drinks, sweets or a delicious mexican feast, Limes are a great way to add life to your weeknight meals. Pick some up this week at your local fruit and veg shop and squeeze the day!

This week is a great week to delight in a classic staple with a variety of fresh Tomatoes available at your local fruit and veg shop this week. Take your pick from varieties such as Heirloom, Truss, Roma and Cherry tomatoes. What could be better than mixing a selection of your favourite Tomatoes together in a Rainbow Tomato Salad

Indulge in delicious Eggplant this week. An underrated veg that packs in so much flavour, Eggplant is also full of nutrients including vitamins C, K and Potassium. We know Summer’s not quite over yet, but it doesn’t hurt to cosy up with a bowl of Homemade Gnocchi & Grilled Eggplant Sauce to stow off the cooler weather (and keep in the recipe repertoire for future use!) Pick up some fresh Eggplant at your local fruit and veg shop this week.

Zucchini is a Summer favourite and so versatile, so why not pick some up this week and make these Cauliflower, Zucchini & Halloumi Fritters for the whole family to enjoy. Zucchini is rich with nutrients including vitamin A, vitamonC, vitamin K and Potassium. Pick up some of Zucchini this week and add kick your health goals!

There’s nothing better on a hot summer afternoon than a fresh cob of Corn with a touch of butter or salt to round off the day. Pick up your weekly dose of Corn from your local fruit and veg shop this week.

Your local fruit and veg shop also stock a wide variety of fresh-cut flowers sourced directly from the local state flower market. Be sure to pick up a bunch of your favourites for you or someone special this week, and place your Valentines day flower orders early! Your local Fruit and Veg shop hand select their produce from local Growers and Wholesalers at the central markets to bring you the best quality available! Pick up some of this produce and more from your local Fruit and Veg shop this week!



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