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We’re starting to feel the Autumn chill, but there’s nothing like the feeling of walking into your local Fruit and Veg Shop and seeing new seasonal produce to warm you up and keep you excited about the change in season! 

This week we’re going bananas for Apples! With plenty of new season varieties on offer, there’s an apple for everyone! Some of our favourite new-season varieties include Jazz, Gala, Granny Smith, Delicious and Fuji. Apples can be used for just about any recipe under the sun! Whether you’re in the mood for a sweet treat like baked apples, or an apple tart, or you’re after a salad with crunch, there is every reason to make sure there’s a space reserved in your basket for some apples! Got some extra time on your hands this week? Try making some Apple Jam which goes perfect on crackers with cheese, or on your weekend scones! 

Pineapples are abundant and of excellent quality this week! For an added kick in this week’s dinner, try out this Baked Pineapple Chicken recipe! Avocados and Pomegranates are also on the shelves of your local Fruit and Veg Shop this week, so head in and pick some up for some deliciously fresh flavours this week! 

Figs are spectacular little fruits, with a delicate flavour and incredible texture. If you’re in the mood for some baking this weekend, you have to try our Dark Chocolate Fig Tart for a divine treat that will impress your guests! 

There are plenty of excellent fruits available this week, including Kiwi Fruit, Persimmon, Raspberries and Mandarins. You might also see Jujubes, Mangosteen and Longans, which are all well worth a try, you might even find your new favourite fruit!

Autumn also means it’s Quince season! This mysterious fruit makes for a stunning cool-weather treat, just cook it low and slow, and you’ve got cosy covered. 

Broccoli is of great quality this week, and is an excellent veg to pack in your daily protein and vitamins, including Vitamin A, Vitamin C, Oron and Vitamnin B-6! Make the most of is and try out this Broccoli Tabbouleh with dinner this week! 

Zucchini and Eggplant are both in excellent supply, and make a tasty addition to your Sunday roast! One of our favourite ways to cook up Zucchini is our Zucchini Gratin that will have the whole family asking for more! 

Jap and Butternut Pumpkins are great quality at the moment, so be sure to grab some this week! We love this Pumpkin and Tahini Dip for an afternoon snack!

Thinking green? This week you’ll find Beans, Bean Sprouts, Watercress, and Asparagus in good supply, as well as Baby Broccoli and Cucumbers. 

Your Local Fruit and Veg Shop will be stocked with plenty of seasonal fruit and vegetables of the best quality. You can expect the best service from greengrocers who have years of experience and can deliver you the best available produce, every day. Choose to shop at your Local Fruit and Veg Shop!



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