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As February rolls in and the weather starts to cool off, we’re seeing plenty of great produce available at your local fruit and veg shop just in time to treat your loved ones with something special. This Valentines Day, be sure to pop into your local fruit and veg shop to pick up the best quality fruit and vegetables for a romantic dinner, and don’t forget to pick up a bunch of fresh, seasonal flowers while you’re there, too! 

Our pick of the week is Corn. Deliciously sweet and juicy, Aussie Sweet Corn is the ultimate Summer treat for the end of a hot day. Packed with vitamins C and A, dietary fibre and Iron, fuel your body with Corn this week. Whether a classic Corn on the Cob is your style, or you need to hide it for the kids with delicious Corn Cakes, Corn is a great pick this week. 

Fruits are plentiful this week with much to choose from including some new-season sensations. Look out for new-season Pears and Apples this week for elevated crunch and flavour! 

Stone fruit season is still well and truly upon us, with a range of fruit in great quality, including Peach, Apricot, and Plums including the antioxidant-packed Queen Garnet plums available at your local fruit and veg shop. Celebrate these delicious seasonal stone fruits in all their flavour with our Plum and Peach Bruschetta. 

Berries are still in great supply, with a selection of Blueberries, Raspberries and Strawberries available at your local fruit and veg shop this week. After a refreshing berry drink that is sure to impress the whole family? This Raspberry & Passionfruit Spritz is a great option to add some colour for a night in!

Pick up some Passionfruit at your local fruit and veg shop this week and add some tropical flavours to your dishes! Try a Passionfruit Mousse for a sweet treat this week. Passionfruit is also a wonderful addition to your favourite drinks for a boost of flavour. 

Grapes are a simple joy in the warmer months and will continue to improve. With such a wide variety available, take your pick and discover a new favourite! 

Get your fill of fresh and excellent quality Tomatoes at your local fruit and veg shop this week! Tomatoes are an everyday staple, and there’s no question why: they’re full of flavour, and incredibly versatile and there are so many to choose from! Take your pick from Roma, Truss, Cherry and Heirloom tomatoes this week. 

Mushrooms are available year-round and are a great way to easily add more nutrients to your meals. With a unique texture and flavour, Mushrooms are a great way to add depth to some of your more common meals. Get the kids eating mushrooms this week with our Spinach & Mushroom Mini Quiches – perfect for the school lunchbox, these will be a hit with young and old! 

Herbs are flourishing now, with a great selection to choose from to add flavour to your meals. Take your pick from Basil, Parsley, Spring Onion, Coriander, Mint and Rosemary to really elevate your meals this week. 

Broccoli is a powerhouse of nutritional benefits and is packed with flavour! Gone are the days of over-cooked veg, reign in the year with a delicious Broccoli-focussed meal and reap the benefits of this wonderful veg! Make this Roast Broccoli Salad with Spicy Tahini Dressing this week for a flavour-packed starter or side dish!

New season Potatoes are a dream come true. With so many ways to use Potatoes, we can’t get enough of them, with plenty available at your local fruit and veg shop. Indulge this week with our Hasselback potatoes with bacon butter for a moment of guilty pleasure, delivering on crunch and flavour that will have the whole family coming back for seconds. 

Crunch on some Carrots this week! Carrots are in great supply with excellent flavour and quality at your local fruit and veg shop. Simply slice and store in a container with your favourite dip for a healthy snack during the day, or serve them up roasted to perfection to accompany your favourite roast meats. 

Your local Fruit and Veg shop hand select their produce from local Growers and Wholesalers at the central markets to bring you the best quality available! Pick up some of this produce and more from your local Fruit and Veg shop this week!


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