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With school holidays coming to an end, it’s a great time to think about some creative ways to keep the kids’ lunchboxes full of fruit and vegetables to keep their minds and bodies healthy this school term! The good news is your local fruit and veg shop is full of great quality seasonal fruit and vegetables perfect for feeding the family on a budget. 

Our pick of the week is Hass Avocados. Smooth and ultra creamy, Hass Avocados offer up a delicious way to enjoy your morning toast. They are a great addition to lunchbox sandwiches, salads or dips! A great way to add avocado to the kids’ lunchboxes is in an easy sushi recipe like this Avocado & Smoked Salmon Sushi

Whole fruits like Apples and Pears are great picks for school lunches. Sweet and crunchy, with so many varieties, Apples and Pears are plentiful at your local fruit and veg shop this week. You can get great deals on both of these fruits by buying them in bulk, as they can store well in the fridge. 

Blood Oranges are in good supply this week and eating well. This unique citrus is a delicious option for something a bit different.  Navel Oranges are also a great pick this week. Whether you use them for juice, salads, or a healthy snack, Oranges are a great source of Vitamin C to support your immune system in the colder months. 

Queensland-grown Passionfruit is of great quality this week. Rich and juicy, Passionfruit is a great option for added flavour in your baking this week, or can be a delicious topping for your morning breakfast cereal or yoghurt. Make this Vanilla Passionfruit Slice this week for a treat the whole family will enjoy. 

With plenty of fruit options, so too is there a great variety of winter vegetables available at your local fruit and veg shop this week. Eggplant is great quality and value, and is a great way to add some extra veggies in to some of your favourite dishes. Our Eggplant & Chicken Tacos are quick to put together and so tasty!

Globe Artichokes are available, and are well worth the effort to prepare! Enjoy them as a side-dish with our Mediterranean Roasted Artichoke recipe.  

Capsicum is plentiful, and is a great way to add flavour to your winter curries, stews, and pies! It’s also a wonderful addition to Pasta in this Creamy Capsicum Pasta dish. Pick up some capsicums this week from your local fruit and veg shop. 

Parsnip is a delicious winter root vegetable option, and can be roasted or can be made into a super creamy mash. Try some today and be sure to pick up some other delicious root veggies like Potato, Sweet Potato and Carrots this week.

For a unique flavour and culinary treat, Truffles are now available. With a strong earthy flavour, Truffles are a special way to enhance your meals this winter. 

Your local Fruit and Veg shop hand select their produce from local Growers and Wholesalers at the central markets to bring you the best quality available! Pick up some of this produce and more from your local Fruit and Veg shop this week!



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