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Kids can be picky eaters, but the importance of feeding them all of the good stuff is high! Fuelling their bodies with all the nutrients it needs is essential for their overall health, growth and development.

To ensure your kids are getting the most out of their meals, we have put together a list of our favourite kid-friendly recipes, that they’ll love, and are also SUPER good for them! Bonus tip: let them help you make the recipes – it’s a great bonding experience and it encourages them to have a healthy relationship with food.

  1. Seedless Watermelon and Ginger Smoothie
    There’s nothing like a sweet drink packed full of healthy goodness! Super light and refreshing, as well as filling, it is the perfect breakfast to start their day the right way or as a healthy afternoon snack after coming home from school!


  1. Mini Rainbow Vegetable Pita Pizzas

Everyone loves pizza, including kids, so this one is automatically a winner! These pita pizzas are a great after-school snack, because not only are they quick and easy to make, they are also just the right size to satisfy those afternoon snack cravings without spoiling dinner!


  1. Yoghurt Bark

Satisfy your little one’s sweet tooth with this delectable recipe! Whether it’s for brekkie, a snack or even dessert, this yoghurt with a twist is sure to be a favourite! Packed full of berries and the ever-healthy Greek yoghurt (or flavoured yoghurt if preferred) it really is such a tasty, and healthy option that your children will love!


  1. Pork Fried Rice

Not only is this dish child friendly, but it is also as healthy as they come! Rice? Great! Pork? Full of protein! Veggies? Speak for themselves! It’s super easy, and is one of those dishes where you can throw in whatever veg you have left in the fridge (or whatever veg your kids like!). If eating veggies is an issue for your little ones, we recommend cutting everything up super finely, or using something like cauliflower rice as a sneaky way to get in some extra veg!


Our website has so many great recipes that your kids will just love – especially healthy desserts! Happy cooking!

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