30 mins
Spring, Summer

Start your day the sweet way with our new Sweet Quinoa & Rockmelon Bowls. Beautiful Rockmelon from your local Fruit and Veg shop brings a pop of colour and a fresh bite to this healthy breakfast dish.


  1. Add coconut milk, water, and quinoa to a pot and heat over a high heat until boiling. Once boiling, add in the honey and cinnamon. Stir, cover, and reduce heat to low for 20 mins.
  2. While the quinoa is cooking, toss the rockmelon in a bowl with the lemon juice, honey, and spices. Refrigerate until about to serve.
  3. Once the quinoa is cooked (it will resemble porridge), transfer it to a bowl or container and refrigerate for at least an hour or overnight. Note: You’re welcome to eat it hot if you prefer!
  4. To serve, stir the quinoa then distribute it evenly between four serving bowls.
  5. Top each with the rockmelon, a dollop of Greek yoghurt, some almonds, mint leaves, and a drizzle of honey. Enjoy!

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