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With school holidays ending and the kids returning to school, it’s the perfect time to look for new and fun ways to get the kids to school with some healthy snacks and easy meals with seasonal fruit and veg. 

Our pick of the week is Limes. Plentiful and full of flavour, Limes are the perfect choice to add flavour to your meals in salads, sweets, marinades or fish dishes. Did you know you can use Limes to help preserve fruit in the kids’ lunchbox? Simply squeeze some Lime juice over sliced fruit such as Apples to keep them from going brown while also adding a fresh boost of zesty flavour that isn’t too harsh or sour. Pick up a bunch at your local fruit and veg shop this week! 

Citrus season is coming along nicely with a variety to choose from including Grapefruit, Pomelo, Lemon and Mandarins in great supply this week. With unique flavours, take your pick of the citrus this week and try them in an Autumn salad. These Mandarin Chicken Rice Paper Rolls are so tasty and are perfect for school or work lunchboxes for a mess-free and delicious lunch option. 

Persimmon is great value this week. This fruit will quickly become a seasonal family favourite with great flavour and versatility. Try these Persimmon Muffins for a great way to use up this delicious fruit! 

Make the most of new-season Apples this week with a great variety to choose from. Have a delicious snack of Royal Gala, Golden Delicious, Red Delicious, Fuji and Granny Smith as well as many other varieties. Our Mini Apple Hand Pies are a delicious treat as a dessert or make a great lunchbox filler! 

Hass Avocado is back and is of great quality and value. Avocado is a family favourite for all things from sandwiches to taco night, but have you tried them in sweets? Try these Avocado & Dark Choc Truffles for a healthy snack that is delightfully creamy and so simple to make. 

Brussels Sprouts are an Autumn favourite and are back in season and available at your local fruit and veg shop. Brussels Sprouts sometimes get a bad reputation, but it’s time to fall in love with them! The best way to enjoy Brussels Sprouts is to get a good amount of heat into them, either by grilling, roasting, or barbecuing. They are also delicious raw to really enjoy the wonderful, fresh flavour. Try this recipe of Roast and Raw Brussels Sprouts for a salad that will have the whole family enjoying Brussels Sprouts again!

Pick up some Beetroot in-store this week and create some delicious, nutritious and beautifully pink dishes! This Beetroot & Banana Smoothie is a fun one to make for the kids. 

Have you picked up some Fennel from your local fruit and veg shop this week? Fennel is a unique vegetable closely related to Dill, Caraway and Anise. Its delicate flavour complements many different meats and savoury dishes. Our Pork & Fennel Sausage Rolls are a great way to introduce Fennel to the kids and are a great lunchbox option!

Autumn is all about Pumpkins. Deliciously nutty and creamy, Pumpkin is a great option for nightly roasts, comforting soups and even baked goods such as muffins or bread. Take your pick of Jap, Butternut or Jarrahdale Pumpkins. Our Pumpkin Lemonade Scones are a great way to use up this seasonal favourite! 

Cheap and highly nutritious, Cabbage is a great pick this week. With a wealth of fibre and vitamin C, Cabbage is the perfect option for cooler weather. Use up your Cabbage in salads, savoury pancakes or try your hand at preserving it in Saurkraut

Your local Fruit and Veg shop hand select their produce from local Growers and Wholesalers at the central markets to bring you the best quality available! Pick up some of this produce and more from your local Fruit and Veg shop this week!




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