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This week at your local fruit and veg shop, there are some consistent performers such as rockmelons, pineapples, zesty limes and watermelons, which are all sure signs that summer is on its way! 

One of the best-selling fruits this week is the go-to avocado from Western Australia. Available in both large and small sizes, avocados are a great source of vitamins C and K, contain folate and dietary fibre. For a quick healthy snack, try smashed avocado with goat cheese on toast. 

Excellent quality pawpaws from the Far North Queensland are in abundance. Layer them with berries and yoghurt for a breakfast parfait or use excess fruit in a tasty mint and lime relish.

Sweet and succulent R2E2 mangoes from the Northern Territory are eating beautifully. Delicious raw, exceptional in salads or drinks, mangoes provide texture in both sweet and savoury dishes. Strawberry supplies from Victoria continue to be impressive, with citrus shortening and apples in good supply. Passionfruit supplies are improving dramatically coming from Bundaberg and the Far North Queensland.

‘Hip Hip Hooray’ for cherry season! Arriving from Victoria, the early variety are various sizes. Expect prices to ease as the season peaks. Who loves apricots? Excitedly, we have seen the first of apricots from Stanthorpe. While inclement weather has impacted stonefruit supplies, expect nectarines and peaches to step up in quality as the weather warms.

Shops are brimming with Asian vegetables, as well as cabbages, green beans, snow peas, eggplants, zucchinis, leeks, potatoes, spring onions and pumpkins. Victorian asparagus is still plentiful and will remain hydrated by wrapping in a damp paper towel and storing in the fridge.

Cauliflower and broccoli supplies are moderate and the tomato season is currently in transition as it shifts from North Queensland to down south. Cucumbers and beetroot are at their best flavour and value this week. Add these juicy veggies to salads and dips for a refreshing taste.

Garlic, ginger, parsley, and mint are good quality along with significant volumes of button, flat and Swiss brown mushrooms. However, capsicums and corn are short and the recent storms have impacted local fresh herbs.

This week’s top pick is the dreamy Queensland banana. High in potassium and zero fat, the banana is the perfect snack for long-lasting energy throughout the day. Choose bananas that feel ripe but firm when lightly pressed. Need a banana now? Ripen bananas in a brown paper bag with an apple (or ripe banana). Bananas are delicious naked, baked in cakes and tarts, converted into smoothies or in slices, porridge, or pancakes. Peel good, feel good!


– Produce report supplied by Brismark

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