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With spring gracefully beginning its transition into the vibrant days of summer, your local fruit and veg shop boasts an array of seasonal delights, ready to amplify your meals and snacks for the entire family. Let’s dive into the bursting variety of fresh produce. 

Peaches, with their soft, velvety skin and succulent flesh, capture the essence of the impending summer. Enjoy them fresh as a delightful snack or incorporate them into salads, desserts, or even grilled to add a unique twist to your summer BBQs. They also work great to complement sweet treats like these Peach & thyme shortcakes that are perfect for morning tea!

Tomatoes with their vibrant colour and tangy, juicy flavour make them an indispensable staple in countless spring and summer dishes. Sliced for sandwiches, chopped into salsas, or roasted to infuse your favourite summer recipes with a burst of flavour. If you’re looking for something easy to put together for dinner, try making our cherry tomato and basil tart this week. 

Apricots are a seasonal treasure, sporting a vibrant orange hue and a delightful blend of sweet and tangy flavours. Savour them fresh, bake them into pastries, or use them in jams for a burst of sunshine in your summer recipes. If you’re looking for an apricot-filled snack, be sure to try these apricot and macadamia balls!

Nectarines bring a luscious and refreshing taste, boasting a smooth skin and juicy flesh that’s perfect for snacking or adding a touch of sweetness to summer salads and desserts. While they’re in season with a hit of sweetness, Nectarines are a great option to serve alongside fish or meat, like this Pan Roasted Trout with Nectarine Salsa

Plums arrive with their rich purple hues and sweet taste, presenting a delightful treat for the upcoming summer days. Enjoy them fresh or baked into tarts for a comforting dessert during the warmer months, or if you’re looking for a refreshing salad, try this Plum Salad with Parmesan which is a summer staple!

Cherries, vibrant with their red colour and sweet juiciness, mark the pinnacle of the summer fruit season. Enjoy them fresh, or incorporate them into baking for a burst of flavour in pies and delightful desserts. We know Christmas is just around the corner, so why not get prepared and try this Cherry Compote Pavlova for your festive feasts. 

Pineapples offer a tropical escape with their sweet and juicy texture. Whether in fruit salads, refreshing smoothies, or grilled for a caramelised sweetness, pineapples make for a delightful summer treat. We can’t get enough of this Pineapple Mint Smoothie on these hot days!

Dragonfruit, with its striking appearance and subtle, sweet taste, is a unique addition to your summer collection. Enjoy it sliced in fruit salads or as a visually stunning garnish for your summer dishes. Dragon Fruit Salad

Mangoes, a tropical delight, bring their sweet fragrance and luscious flesh to the forefront of the summer season. Savour them fresh or blend them into smoothies for a taste of the sun-soaked season. 

Spinach presents its rich green hue and adaptable flavour, perfect for salads, sautés, or invigorating smoothies, ensuring a nutrient-packed addition to your summer dishes. Spinach is often used for salads, but we love it baked into a comforting spinach gratin to serve along with a spread of delicious sides. 

Broad Beans offer a fresh springtime touch to your weekly meals. Enjoy them in salads, stews, and various recipes, providing both freshness and a delightful crunch.

Asparagus, with its slender, vibrant spears, adds an elegant touch to your summer meals. Roast, grill, or steam asparagus for a nutrient-rich and delightful addition to your dishes. Make the most of asparagus in your day-to-day meals with this easy chicken and asparagus bowl

Cucumbers provide both crunch and flavour, making them a versatile addition to salads and sandwiches. Enjoy them on their own or in a refreshing homemade tzatziki for a cool summer treat. Why not enjoy cucumber with some seafood this week and make these  Rockmelon and cucumber prawn cocktails

Garlic, with its deep aroma and robust flavour, becomes an essential flavour booster in dressings, marinades, or sautés, adding an aromatic depth to your summer meals. There’s nothing understated about a perfectly cooked Beef rissole with garlic veggies

Celery brings its crisp and refreshing taste, perfect for soups, salads, or as a satisfyingly crunchy snack. Versatile and low in calories, celery is an excellent addition to your summer dishes. 

Sweet potato, with its sweet taste and vibrant colour, offers a flavorful alternative to traditional potatoes. Roast, mash, or bake it for a colourful addition to your summer meals. Make the most of them with this recipe for Roasted Sweet potato and cauliflower tacos that the whole family will love. 

Zucchinis, with their mild taste and tender flesh, serves as a versatile ingredient for summer recipes. Grill them, spiralize them for salads, or bake them into zucchini bread for a delightful addition to your table. 

Red Cabbage adds a vibrant touch to your summer meals. Enjoy it raw in salads or pickled as a colourful and crunchy side to complement your seasonal dishes. Be sure to keep some Red cabbage sauerkraut on your table for the warmer months, as it makes a wonderful condiment for weeknight dinners!

Explore the colourful selection at your local fruit and veg shop, selecting seasonal produce that elevates your culinary experiences while supporting local growers and reducing your environmental impact. Embrace the best in quality, freshness, and service this summer season. Visit your nearest store today and savour the transition from spring to the vibrant days of summer!






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