A Better Choice For Freshness

Each produce item is different and it’s hard to tell if they’re ripe or ready! Some should be firm, some should be soft and some should even feel heavy! We have put together a guide for some of the most popular fruit and veg, so you know what to look for when you’re shopping next!


Artichoke globes should have tight leaves and feel quite heavy for their size. Also, the leaves should make a squeaking sound when they are pressed together.


You should choose avocados that are slightly soft when touched. Try to avoid rock-hard avocados, however slightly firmer avocados can be ripened at home.


It’s best to choose beets that are firm to touch and have fresh stems. Be sure to avoid beets with wilted leaves, scaly tops, or large, hairy taproots as they are most likely older and not as tasty.


Be sure to choose broccoli when the stalks are firm, and they are quite a bright green. Be sure to avoid yellowed florets.

Brussels Sprouts

Brussels sprouts should be firm and quite compact, with bright green heads. If the outer leaves are wilted, they are not as fresh.


Carrots should be firm and smooth. They should not have rootlets, or be wrinkly.


The heads of the cauliflower should be tightly packed, and creamy in colour. They should not be spotted or yellowed.


A cob of corn should be accompanied by bright green husks, and moist (not slimy!) silk. Kernals should be plump when the husk is peeled back.

Leafy greens

You should be choosing greens that are fresh and crisp. They should not be slimy, wilted or have an off smell.

Hopefully this guide will help you choose the pick of the bunch on your next shop! These handy hints and insights will ensure you are buying produce at optimal times, meaning fresh, tasty produce!


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