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Warmer days and nights have resulted in steady to strong supplies of most veggies at your local fruit and veg shop this week, and locally grown fruits are right up there too.

Succulent pears, crispy apples and Sunshine Coast strawberries are all in abundance, and fabulous on their own or as sweet treats. Team these fruits with some sugar, cinnamon, and vanilla to make a warm fruit tray bake for dinner. Store your leftovers in the fridge and use them in the morning to top a bowl of hot oats for a yummy brekkie.

The citrus list is substantial and offers something for everyone: we have excellent eating Honey Murcott mandarins for a healthy snack, cara cara navel oranges for freshly squeezed juice, flavoursome blood oranges for salads, sweet and tangy tangelos for muffins, and zesty lemon and limes for cocktails. Take your pick!

Passionfruit, pawpaw, and bananas are all in stable supply, while antioxidant-rich blueberries are emerging from New South Wales – they’ll only get better in the coming weeks.

Capture the flavours of tropics with golden-fleshed pineapple from far north Queensland and creamy avocado from down south – they’re both plentiful. Combine chunks of pineapple and avocado with sliced onions, jalapenos, freshly torn coriander and lime juice to make a refreshing salsa. Serve with grilled chicken, prawns, or fish.

There is an excellent variety of vegetables this week including celery, silverbeet, eggplant, leeks, corn, cabbage, zucchini, fennel and sweet potatoes.

For salads, iceberg lettuce from Lockyer Valley, cherry tomatoes, radishes, loose beetroot and butternut pumpkin from Bundaberg are all in great supply.

Two of the best bargain buys this week include cauliflower and green beans – great eating, well-supplied and very affordable. Both taste delicious when added to roasts, bakes, or curries.

If you’re a fan of Brussels sprouts, get in quick as the season is coming to an end. Truss tomatoes, cucumbers and carrots are short, while capsicum supplies are also dropping off this week.

Picking up in supply are mighty mushrooms – they add depth and a hearty flavour to many winter dishes. Try them in ragout, risotto, soups, pasta, or simply sauté them in olive oil with garlic and thyme to serve with a good side of steak.

Whip up a rich and creamy mash with brushed potatoes from South Australia. Add some garlic to the pot, or even some garlic butter while mashing for something different to the classic mash; or for a bit of a twist, throw in some bacon bits, sour cream, and spring onions. Add a little parmesan cheese on top before serving.

This week’s top pick is super nutritious broccoli from the Lockyer Valley that represents great value and quality. Known to be one of the healthiest and versatile of vegetables, broccoli can be eaten raw or cooked any way you like – you can boil it, steam it, stir-fry, sauté or blanch it. Select broccoli with a bright green head and compact clusters of broccoli florets with firm stems and stalks. Broccoli has the shortest life of any vegetable, so always store it in the fridge.


Report supplied by Brismark


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