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Valentine’s Day, celebrated on 14 February, is also called the “Feast of Saint Valentine”. We’re helping you celebrate Valentine’s day at A Better Choice with fantastic new recipes to create the perfect feast for your Valentine.

Are you planning breakfast in bed for your Valentine? You can’t go wrong with the Ultimate Layered Chia Pudding or the Purple Power Chia Bowl. Make the night before and just add their favourite seasonal berries and toppings before serving. Super easy and healthy too!

Is your Valentine impressed by sweet treats? Make a batch of Chocolate Red Beet Cake or our Absolutely Decadent Chocolate Fudge Valentine Cookie Sandwiches. Present them in a cute box and surprise her at work for Valentine’s gift that will never be forgotten!

Traditionally a romantic dinner is a way to their heart…. start with the most beautiful salad you have ever seen. The Pink Salad recipe is so easy and takes only 15 minutes to prepare. Shop locally for the ingredients at your local fruit & vegetable retailer. Any advice you need, just ask, they are the experts in their field.

For the main meal, how about this beautifully prepared Southern Rock Lobster from our friends at Masani? Make at home to really treat your loved one.

Finally, dessert. So many options to try, maybe Valentine’s Day will go for a week instead! Quick and easy but very impressive recipes include our Banana and Berry “Nice-Cream” and Watermelon Dessert Pizza. But the ultimate dessert would have to be our White Chocolate and Lime Cheesecake. This no-bake made ahead dessert is super fresh with colourful all raw ingredients, making it a spectacular end to your romantic evening.

Shop locally this Valentine’s Day to make something from the heart for your loved one whilst supporting local businesses.

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