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We have compiled some of our 36 favourite summer drink recipes. There are recipes for young and old. So for smoothies, coolers, mocktails and cocktails, you have come to the right place to keep you cool over the hot summer days and help celebrate the festive season. 

Christmas Sangria

Keep those good times rolling this Christmas with a glass of Christmas Sangria! 🍷 This fruity wine is an ice-cool 🧊 take on traditional mulled wine for us Aussies in the Southern Hemisphere!

Pimm’s Jug

Quench your summer thirst with a jug of Pimms! This popular (and rather festive) beverage will delight your family and friends. If you’d prefer to go without the alcohol – opt for a punchy berry cordial concentrate.

Tropical Slushies

Our NEW colourful Tropical Slushies are the healthy icy treat the whole family has been waiting for! We chose to blend frozen mango, pineapple and strawberries for these ones but you can choose whichever fruit you like best!

Grapefruit & Sage Paloma

This beauty is our brand new Grapefruit & Sage Paloma – a heavenly blend of two delightful flavours. Pick up the grapefruit, lemons, and sage from your local fruit and veg shop and get mixing!

Cucumber, Mint & Pineapple Smoothie

We’ve got another healthy smoothie to add to your list to try! Say hello to our Cucumber, Mint & Pineapple Smoothie. It’s fresh, tasty and jam packed with delicious produce. Be sure to pick up the fresh produce from your local fruit and veg shop!

Pear and Rose Punch

Pour a glass of this refreshing Pear and Rose Punch! 🍐 Using seasonal pears as a gorgeous garnish, we think you and your guests this weekend will love this.

Pomegranate Prosecco Pop

Say cheers this Mother’s Day with a glass of our Pomegranate Prosecco Pop! The bursting arils and sweet Prosecco make for the most delicious cocktail.

Avocado Smoothie

We bet you’re feeling green with envy for this gorgeous Avocado Smoothie! Made with delicious creamy avos that you can pick up from your local fruit and veg shop.

Pina Colada

🎶 If you like Pina Coladas 🎶 … then you’ll love ours! Fresh pineapple juice and coconut are blended together to make this smooth, creamy drink! The perfect drink to toast to the end of a week 🍹

Red Grape & Plum Smoothie

Heroing plump red grapes and beautiful plums, our new Red Grape & Plum Smoothie is a delicious way to start your day!

Cucumber, Watermelon & Basil Cooler

The taste of summer, all year ‘round. Enjoy a glass of our Cucumber, Watermelon & Basil Cooler today and be sure to pick up the fresh produce from your local fruit and veg shop!

Passionfruit Gin & Tonic

A crisp Passionfruit Gin & Tonic is the perfect way to unwind on the weekend. Whether you’re a gin lover, or prefer to enjoy yours without the alcohol.

Bunny Mary

It’s not Easter without a Bunny Mary 🐰 Fresh carrot juice, a squeeze of lemon and garnished with celery and cherry tomatoes – there’s so much to love about this pretty drink!

Dark & Stormy

The only thing dark and stormy about our new Dark & Stormy cocktail is its beautiful deep colour. Get mixing to toast to the end of a great week!

Papaya & Banana Smoothie

This pretty pastel smoothie is a delightful blend of papaya and banana. It’s a smooth, refreshing pick me up – perfect as a snack or as breakfast on the run!

Caramel Apple Pie Mocktail

Bid a warm farewell to Autumn with our Caramel Apple Pie Mocktail. It’s sweet but with a touch of cinnamon and a rosemary garnish, it’s the perfect antidote to cool weather!

Rhubarb Mojito

Rhubarb is the shining star in our NEW Rhubarb Mojito! The deep pink colour is a sight for sore eyes and the sweet, sweet drink will go down a treat

Ginger & Lime Cooler

These Ginger & Lime Coolers are a thirst quenching, summer day essential to sip away on, while enjoying the glorious warm weather ☀️

Raspberry Coconut Smoothie

Start your day in a very berry good way. Our Raspberry Coconut Smoothie is a surefire hit, and tastes rather decadent!

Raspberry & Passionfruit Spritz

Welcome the weekend with this delightful Raspberry & Passionfruit Spritz. It’s so refreshing you might finish it in record time🙈

If you want your spritz to pack a bit more of a punch – simply add in some white rum or vodka!

Zingy Ginger Juice

If you’re looking to make some healthier changes this year, fresh juices are such a great place to start. Our new Zingy Ginger Juice is super fresh and packed with so much goodness! Your body will love you for feeding it this one!

Sparkling Cranberry Mocktail

Cheers to the weekend, friends! Enjoy the ruby red fizz of this Sparkling Cranberry Mocktail – a non-alcoholic favourite for the A Better Choice team. Pick up your fresh cranberries at your local fruit and veg shop today!

Zingy Orange Smoothie

Want a zingy, refreshing summer smoothie? Try this delightful orange smoothie! We use both fresh oranges, and orange juice to create a rich zing.

Sweet Apple Fizz

Treat yourself this weekend with a glass of our Sweet Apple Fizz🥂 It’s great for entertaining or enjoying at home on the couch! Grab some apples (the star of the show) from your local fruit and veg shop and get mixing!

Strawberry Basil Cooler

Whether you’re celebrating with a loved one, or gathering the girls for your own Gal-entine’s Day, why not make everyone a glass of this Strawberry Basil Cooler? With optional alcohol, you can make this one a delightful alcoholic cooler, or refreshing drink.

Easy Green Juice

Feeling a little sluggish from the weekend? Don’t reach for another cup of coffee! Squeeze the day with a cup of fresh and easy green juice.

Rockmelon Frosé

Sweet rockmelon is the centre of attention in this week’s Fri-yay beverage! Say hello to our new Rockmelon Frosé. It’s a crowd pleaser AND it’s super simple to make – it ticks all the boxes!

Apple & Lemongrass Cider

It’s the weekend, so that means only one thing! Cocktail o’clock! ⏰ Whether you want to add alcohol or not, this Apple & Lemongrass Cider is our favourite this week.

Pineapple, Orange & Banana Smoothie

Feel energised for the day ahead with our deliciously tropical Pineapple, Orange and Banana Smoothie. Sip away, and imagine yourself sitting by the beach 🏝💭

Turmeric Tonic

It’s widely known that turmeric has incredible health benefits so it’s no surprise that this Turmeric Tonic will work wonders for your health!

Lemon Iced Tea

If you’re in need of a pick-me-up today, reach for a glass of homemade Lemon Iced Tea. Pick up the lemons from your local fruit & veg shop and get mixing today!

Strawberry & Apple Juice

Start your day with a glass of our Strawberry Apple juice. A colourful juice makes us so happy in the morning!

Sunrise Spritz

Our new Sunrise Spritz mocktail is a sight for sore eyes… particularly on a Friday afternoon! They’re easy to make and taste positively delightful – the whole fam will enjoy them!

Blueberry Moscow Mule Mocktail

Blueberry lovers – this is the drink for you! Our NEW Blueberry Moscow Mule Mocktail is a refreshing blend of blueberries, lime, sugar and ginger beer – perfect for a warm summer’s day!

Grapefruit Mimosa

Goodbye 2021 and helloooo 2022! Our NEW Grapefruit Mimosa is a delicious drink to have in hand as the clock strikes 12!

The Best Fruit Punch

Filled with seasonal fresh fruits from your local fruit and veg shop – we think you’ll love this one. We don’t often say something “is the best” unless we mean it! However – this glorious fruit punch certainly takes the cake (well, punch!).










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