A Better Choice For Freshness

They do say that the way to someoneā€™s heart is through their stomach and we 100% agree with that! Here are six of our favourite meals to enjoy on the day of love (or any other day for that matter!) with your special someone!

  1. Something to share

Our Tex Mex Loaded Sweet Potato Fries are a healthy (and completely delicious) alternative to nachos, and the perfect starter to share with your loved one!

  1. Something to make together

Sushi is always a versatile favourite, and something you can prepare together. Check out our Avocado and Smoked Salmon Sushi for inspo, but feel free to add whatever ingredients you like to your sushi rolls (as long as you pair them with soy sauce of course!)

  1. Something for the side

Although this is tasty enough for a main dish, we think it would accompany other dishes really well. Our Beef Meatball and Crispy Noodle Salad is the zesty salad you need to spice up a meal!

  1. Something to pick at

These Prawn, Watermelon and Feta Skewers will be a favourite to snack on in between courses. Super fresh, and super tasty!

  1. Something romantic

Oysters are supposedly an aphrodisiac, right? Dress up your oysters with some fresh ingredients like our Ginger Soy Oysters. The perfect starter, or snack after dinner!

  1. Something lovely and sweet

How can we give you just one dessert option? Here are our favourite sweet things to top off your romantic night:

Happy Valentineā€™s Day, lovers! We hope it is more than lovely!

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